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Aveda's Field Guide



Mmm, scripts...

Here they are. The real reason you're here. Keep in mind that most (if not all) of these scripts will NOT work in the Wizard. If this is a problem, you ought to do yourself a favor and get StormFront or Avalon : )

All scripts were created by me unless otherwise noted.

Scripts that work anywhere.

.reckus This script is Bard-only! Reckus is Play 2.0 compatible and will train strings, winds, percussions, and appraisal in the most efficient manner possisble, and will also keep your instruments clean, in tune, and in good repair (if you have a repair kit on you). Training instruments has never been this easy!

To use: Edit the five lines near the beginning of the script by adding in your string instrument, wind instrument, percussion instrument, your main container, and your cleaning tool (cloth or rag), respectively. Save your script as reckus and simply type .reckus to use. Wow!

Caution: The first run of this script will look pretty ugly as it will find the "sweet spot" of learning for each of your instruments. This script will not work if you do not name it reckus . Also, make sure you have everything you need for it in your possession (instruments, cloths, picks, bows, etc.). If you don't wish for this script to loop infinitely, delete the last line.


Area-specific scripts.

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